Armidale Youth Futures Annual Fundraising Auction

Armidale Youth Futures
March 2024
01:00 PM AEDT
April 2024
08:57 PM AEDT

About Our Auction

Join us for the 2024 AYF Dinner Auction, an evening dedicated to transforming lives through community and generosity centred on empowering school-age children through a love of Jesus.

Your support helps nurture diverse, caring communities where individuals are encouraged to be their authentic selves, fostering personal growth and positive impact.

Together, we can create waves of positive change and build a better future for those in need.

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About Armidale Youth Futures

Armidale Youth Futures are a partnership of volunteers from local Christian churches seeking to uphold the good news of Jesus through Christian SRE (Special Religious Education) for the spiritual wellbeing of students. Armidale Youth Futures facilitate a combined arrangement of approved SRE providers.

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Live Event Information

Armidale Youth Futures Fundraising Dinner and Auction
Armidale City Bowling Club
Saturday 6th April 2024
6 pm till 9:30 pm with the live auction around 9 pm

The online Auction closes at 8:30 pm

The Live Auction (The featured items) which are listed below

OA03 - Ron Van Gennip "After the Rain"
OA04 - Richard Bogusz "Feeding the Chickens"
OA13 - Tom Martin "At the Beach"
OA25 - Gerard Mutsaers "The Yarra Valley 2"
OA29 - Rigobet Bonne "Map of New Testament Times"
OA30 - 1.2 tonnes Split & delivered Yellow Box Firewood
OA32 - Side of Lamb No 1 of 6 voucher
OA50 - Perpetual Painting

Will be auctioned live at the fundraising event at 8:50 pm.

So be there in person if you want to bid on these great items