Art Sets Your Imagination Free Fundraiser

Leadership and Arts Coalition
September 2020
07:00 PM EDT
October 2020
07:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

When it comes to supporting artists, it’s important for them to have a safe space to unleash their creativity and artistic voices. This is exactly what the Leadership and Arts Coalition (LAC) provides for artists from diverse backgrounds. LAC recognizes artists as the true historical storytellers and empowers them to help communicate, educate, advocate, and bridge gaps in respective communities. This auction is dedicated to supporting their premier sponsor, visual artist and fashion designer from California, Nicholas Mayfield. Part of the proceeds from this auction will go to ensuring Nicholas can continue to spread his messages of justice and community building through his art.

About Leadership and Arts Coalition

Leadership and Arts Coalition uses the arts to improve and enhance the educational landscape in marginalized communities. We understand the importance of bringing together individuals and organizations of shared values to improve the outcomes for all. Please consider uniting with us as we raise awareness and bridge economic gaps.

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