BAFCO Black Show

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October 2018
02:00 PM AKDT
December 2018
08:00 PM AKST

About Our Auction

Welcome to BAFCO Black Beer Release and ArtBid!
This is a Final Friday Art Show with original pieces from Jody Barton and Bayley Barton at BAFCO and a couple guest artists.

Guest Artist:
GW Bell was born on an Alaskan island where he encountered a visually rich environment. This environment included a vast array of Flora and fauna as well as a vibrant Native culture. Killer Whales, Sea Lions, and salmon defined the sea. Eagles defined the sky and Bear and moss shrouded the forest. First hand observations of these biological wonders remain an impetus for his designs.
"It's difficult going through your art and deciding which of your children to give away or sell"

Guest Artist:
Rebecca Schikora
Born and raised in Alaska Rebecca spent an adventurous early career as a commercial fisherman & Bartender in Cordova AK, she now works at BP and spends her spare time globe trekking and making pottery in her garage.

Guest Artist:
Morgan Warner was born and raised in Anchorage. She has a degree in psychology from the University of Hawai'i at Hilo, with a minor in keepin it real. She began making weird art before she can remember and never stopped. She started doing art shows in 2012 and published her first book in 2017.

Guest Artist
Ted Kincaid
Paintings built on canvas of artifacts, used and discarded build a new story for each piece adding to the dialogue of the images like a murder mystery built into art. The images are sewn in, ofter with layers of text, spray paint, ink, charcoal, graphite and acrylic paint, weaving in and out of each other like the repurposed socks of a sock monkey. the methods are tweaked like the dials of a ham radio, but the overall style pours consistently. Countless paintings float around Anchorage and the North West in city collections, small time collectors and the architects of our social environment ebbing from commissions, cafe shows and prominent art galleries. With 13 years worth of production, the shows travel in waves, rolling the sea floor of Anchorage as writers, producers and editors document the shows.


Here at BAFCO we make original pieces of art, no two are the same and custom orders take a lot longer. If you love one of our pieces bid on it before it's gone forever.

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