ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ Event - 2024

ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ Event
June 2024
12:15 AM EDT
June 2024
05:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

This is the second year for the ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ event where our goal is to create awareness, raise funds where proceeds go to the Ottawa ALS Clinic and Ottawa Hospital ALS Research.

About ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ Event

Dear Family and Friends:

On June 22, 2024 is our second annual ALS Awareness fundraiser event to do our part to challenge ALS. As you know ALS is a devastating disease with no treatments or cure. ALS is a terminal disease that takes away peoples ability to walk, talk, and eventually breathe. With your support, we can change all that.

Support from our campaign will help to create a better reality for people and families living with ALS by enabling access to support services and equipment. Funds raised will also support research so that one day soon ALS will be a treatable, not terminal disease.

Many leading ALS researchers believe that effective treatment options are now a matter of when, not if and that research discovery is limited only by the amount of funding available to pursue it. This makes my fundraiser an important vehicle for progress, so please support my efforts.

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