5G Free California Day of Protest Silent Auction

5G Free California
April 2020
At Midnight PDT
May 2020
11:00 PM PDT
GOAL $50,000.00
6.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Hello, fellow warriors in the fight against 5G and wireless radiation.
We're raising funds for, Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative - challenging deployment of 50,000 satellites and 1 million ground receivers; and Children’s Health Defense vs FCC Litigation Fund - challenging fraudulent FCC “safety” guidelines. Contributions are fully tax-deductible for USA taxpayers. 5G Free California belongs to the People and does not receive funding from any corporations or special interests. Click the green "Items" button on the left to see the auction.

About 5G Free California

Because of health, environmental, and privacy concerns, around the 5G wifi roll-out following the FCC 5G Small Cell Order, a small group of concerned individuals formed 5G Free Topanga. Word spread and the group grew and became 5G Free California (501(c)3) to network and collaborate with groups throughout California. The time is now to protect our children in their schools and all of us in our homes and offices from 5G radiation. We have filed lawsuits to achieve these objectives. We appreciate your support. www.5GFreeCalifornia.org

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