2nd Annual My City School Auction!

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November 2018
11:00 PM PST
November 2018
11:45 PM PST
GOAL $5,000.00
47.6% To Goal

About Our Auction

My City School is growing! Donations benefit our wonderful school community by providing necessary services, paying teacher salaries, and helping us grow!

About My City School

My City School was founded on the belief that students with LD are learners with high potential and who deserve access to multisensory instruction across the curriculum; including science, art, history, language arts, and math. We have re-imagined the LD classroom to be a place of dynamic and results driven instruction, partnered with enthusiastic and engaged students. Some new students enter the school feeling burnt out and hopeless and soon discover how good it feels to be a successful student, who have found their strengths and gifts in learning. After 5 years, MCS has become more than just a school - we have become a resource to the community, to include over 300 teachers, to help them understand not only how to teach kids differently, but how to design an entire learning experience that re-ignites and fosters a love of learning for all learner's. Visit us at our Learning Lab at the Fulton Playground in San Francisco CA.

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