2022 GOG Awards Silent Auction

Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries
November 2022
09:00 AM EST
December 2022
05:03 PM EST

About Our Auction

Galeries Ontario/Ontario Galleries (GOG) has been working diligently throughout the global pandemic to advocate and assist the sector during these difficult times.

GOG is a small charitable organization working rigorously to provide service to many of the province's public art museums and galleries, as well as numerous artist-run-centres and art professionals.

At GOG, we provide service to Curators, Art Educators, Exhibition Designers, Conservators, Arts Administrators and more through our professional development workshops, networking events, and advocacy efforts. By helping the individuals who work in the public art galleries, GOG has a tangible impact on how the sector grows and adapts year after year.

GOG Silent Auction raises funds that directly support networking opportunities, professional development, educational programs, workshops, and events for Ontario Public Gallery and Museum Sector.

About Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries

Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galeries has over a 50 year history as an arts service organization (ASO) and represents over 270 members—public art galleries, museums, artist-run-centres, and arts organizations. For over 40 years, its annual award program has been defining the standards of excellence for the visual arts in Canada. Through advocacy on issues, policy, legislation to all levels of government, and delivery of innovative and cutting-edge professional development opportunities and network-building, GOG advances, empowers, and strengthens the visual arts sector in Canada.

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