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Bellabration - Little Bellas Fundraiser - 2022

Little Bellas
November 2022
05:00 PM CST
November 2022
08:15 PM CST

Bellabration - Little Bellas Fundraiser - 2022

Make a difference to a girl in our community. By participating in Bellabration you help to ensure that no participant is turned away from Little Bellas due to financial or equipment based needs. Together, we can get more girls on bikes. Let's do this!

IN PERSON EVENT on November 17th 6 - 9 pm at QBP in Bloomington, MN.

LIVE AUCTION November 17th: bid for a chance to have Breakfast with Lea Davison, co-founder of Little Bellas and a two-time Olympian and a two-time Mountain Bike World Championship medalist. Meal will take place at the Highland Grill in St Paul. Winners choice either Friday November 18th at 9am or Saturday November 19th at 9am.


About Little Bellas

Little Bellas is a mountain bike organization, whose goal is to help young women reach their fullest potential. We aim to create a community to empower women through cycling, accent the importance of goals and a healthy lifestyle, and emphasize a positive female bond. While this program is centered around creating a female camaraderie on bikes, it is most importantly about having fun in a constructive environment.

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