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Laguna Invitational Sunday Art Show

Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA)
October 2020
09:00 AM PDT
October 2020
05:00 PM PDT
GOAL $50,000.00
45.4% To Goal

Laguna Invitational Sunday Art Show

The Laguna Invitational Sunday Art Show & Auction includes paintings from the Artist's private studio for their Invitational "Library", as well as works created this week.

All paintings are priced to sell unframed with a starting bid of 80% of the full unframed retail price with the option to purchase immediately at the "Buy Now" price of 100% of the retail value. The choice is yours!

Randy Higbee of King of Frame is offering Laguna Invitational collectors a 40% discount on framing! You may also make framing inquiries with the Artists.

The Sunday Invitational Art Show & Auction will be the final Laguna Invitational Auction, and opening at 9 am for registered Invitational Sponsors, Patrons, Fans & Gala Attendees, then opening to the public at 10 am. The auction will end today, Sunday, October 11th at 5:00 pm (1 day only!).

Available artwork, after the Auction ends, may be viewed and purchased at the full unframed price through LPAPA's Online Gallery until 5 pm Saturday, October 31st.

Learn more about the Laguna Invitational at

About Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA)

The Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art organization that was originally founded in Laguna Beach in 1996 by five artists -- Ken Auster, Jacobus Baas, Cynthia Britain, Saim Caglayan, and John Cosby -- with a mission to preserve the history of the plein air movement of 19th century California, to support the tradition as it exists today, and to foster a network among plein air painters nationwide.

LPAPA is considered the stewards of Laguna’s plein air painting legacy, which helped establish our town as an artists’ colony more than a century ago. Early plein air artists -- Edgar Payne, Frank Cuprien, Anna Hills, William Wendt, and other now famous artists -- founded the original Laguna Beach Art Association and opened the first art gallery in 1918. The permanent collection they started later established the town’s museum. LPAPA is committed to continuing the outdoor painting tradition and preserving the Laguna Plein Air Painting legacy.

LPAPA's mission includes career opportunities and education programs to help enhance the livelihood of our artist members and community, as well as educate and inspire the next generation of artists to continue the legacy.

Your support keeps the Laguna plein air painting tradition and legacy --- past, present and future alive! Thank you!

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