Grimes Guitar #1000 & Ukulele #1001

Grimes Guitars
February 2020
11:00 PM HST
February 2020
08:23 PM HST

About Our Auction

Guitar number 1000 and ukulele number 1001 are now completed. These two asymmetrical instruments are called the "Freehand Artist" models, and are made from very rare wood (curly Brazilian Rosewood and German spruce) that I’ve been saving for 30+ years to use on something special. These instruments ("mother and child") are made from the same boards of tonewood, and are matching in every possible way.

The silent auction has now started and will be completed live at 8pm Hawaii Standard time at the One Grand Party on February 29, 2020 commemorating the creation of these instruments to be held at King Kamehameha Golf Club in Waikapu, Maui.

About Grimes Guitars

Steve Grimes has built Archtop and Double Sound hole Flat top guitars for some of the top players in the world. He specializes in custom tailoring his guitars to suit the tonal, aesthetic, and playability requirements of his customers.

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Live Event Information

The auction will conclude at a celebration called “The One Grand Party”, a celebration of instrument #1000. All of Steve's customers from the past 47 years are invited, whether or not they still own their Grimes instrument. Guitar, mandolin and ukulele aficionados with a passion for high quality custom instruments are also invited.

The venue is the King Kamehameha Golf Club, Waikapu Ballroom (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.) The view from this ballroom is one of the most spectacular vistas on the island of Maui: