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Share The Love 2024

St. Augustine Humane Society
January 2024
08:00 AM EST
February 2024
08:00 PM EST
GOAL $3,800.00
81.4% To Goal

Share The Love 2024

Our Share the Love Auction benefits the St. Augustine Humane Society's Dental Health Program during the month of February. Pet Dental Health is just as important as our dental health. In fact, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease by the age of three. Regular exams throughout your pet's life can help detect problems early, before they cause damage to your pet's teeth, tooth roots, bone, or mouth. Not only does dental disease affect a pet’s mouth, it can actually shorten the pet’s life as the disease in the mouth can pass throughout the body, causing damage to vital organs, such as the heart and kidneys.

Despite the importance of pet dental health, not everyone can afford the lifesaving dental care that is needed for their pets. Right now we are experiencing a surge in pets who need critical dental care, and we need your help! All proceeds made in this fundraiser will directly benefit pets in the most need who require extensive dental surgery.

So during National Pet Dental Health Month, help a pet in need while getting something special for you or a loved one!

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About St. Augustine Humane Society

The St. Augustine Humane Society promotes healthy, responsible, lifelong pet ownership by serving the medical and rehabilitative needs of companion animals in our community. Our programs are designed to strengthen human-pet relationships by reducing the need for pets to enter shelters. Our goal is to ensure all pets have access to quality veterinary cares, prevent overpopulation, and prevent animal cruelty.

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