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February 2020
At Midnight EST
February 2020
08:00 PM EST
GOAL $2,100.00
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About Our Auction

Blue-eyed Fankie, a rescued deaf potbelly pig, came to live with "Shucks", Mimi and Pake's first potbelly pig, approximately three years ago @ Yonderways.

Around Thanksgiving 2019, Frankie stopped eating for days on end and then would miraculously resume eating....but he also stopped pooping -which is VERY serious. Many tests were run through a local vet, but in the end, just a few days before New Years 2020, he was rushed to UT Veterinary Medical Center where he underwent exploratory surgery, it's then the surgeons learned he had ingested two pieces of fleece blanket that were obstructing his stomach and intestines.

Two angels stepped in to foot the entire bill on this very expensive procedure, and Mimi and Pake are on a mission to raise funds to repay them for their selfless contributions to save Frankie's life.

About Yonderways

Yonderways is a small mountain homestead located in Hendersonville, NC. The homestead consists of 8 beautiful wooded acres with 2 rushing creeks, a mountain stream and a pond. There is also a quaint small vacation cabin for rent as well as a cabin where Mimi, Pake and their 6yo granddaughter, Priss, live. Yonderways is home to a menagerie of many animals including 21 chickens, 2 rescued livestock guardian dogs, 5 rescued cats, 2 rescued parakeets, and 3 potbelly pigs.

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