YEGPIN Pinball & Arcade Expo

Die Hard Pinball League
July 2022
02:00 PM MDT
July 2022
At Midnight MDT

About Our Auction

Yegpin is an annual Pinball & Arcade Expo run by the Die Hard Pinball League. We are trying to grow the competitive aspect of pinball, while also sharing our joy for the game with our community. We are a not for profit group so this helps raise some money to help us put on the best possible show. Our funds go towards the next years expo, which includes our trophies and plaques, as well as renting our space and any equipment we may need for the shows success.

About Die Hard Pinball League

Die Hard Pinball League is a non-profit society that hosts an annual YEGPIN: Pinball and Arcade Expo. We love pinball, whether just as a passion, or in a competitive manner there is always time for the game. Our league's main purpose is to promote and provide access to pinball and arcade in Edmonton and surrounding areas, to provide an outlet for competitive pinball through leagues and tournaments and to support giving back to the community through charitable donations.

We want to encourage players to become involved in our special events like YEGPIN, and other tournaments we hold. We hope you come to love pinball as much as we do!

If you have more interest in joining our league please visit our website at

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