Wheeler Family Adoption

February 2021
01:00 PM EST
February 2021
10:00 PM EST
GOAL $20,000.00
71.9% To Goal

About Our Auction

The goal of our LOVE WEEK is to raise $20,000 to help off-set the costs of the Wheeler Family Adoption. If you do not know the Wheelers, they are an absolute GIFT to those of us lucky enough to call them friends. Emmanuel & Kendra, along with their 3 boys exude joy and love, so this is Southern Graces at Hewitt Oak's way of giving back. To actually DO SOMETHING to make a difference in the lives of this precious family who are such an integral part of our Lowcountry Community. Here's some of their story, shared by Kendra:

Almost a year ago, we decided to pursue an adoption. Before we had any of our biological children, adoption was always a desire of ours and has always been in our hearts. The journey of having our three sons and our daughter has brought us full circle to the decision to follow God’s calling of adding one more to our amazing crew. Our hearts are overwhelmed with anticipation of all that this journey entails and the prospect of welcoming home a baby.
In case you’re new to our family, we have three incredible sons. They are baseball fanatics and love being together, most days. We have also been blessed with a beautiful daughter; after three blissful hours with her, she returned to Heaven. Just as we anticipate our future child through this adoption, we wait with great anticipation in reuniting with her in Heaven one day.
Emanuel and I are high school teachers and love the opportunity that it provides us to be on the same schedule with our kids. Emanuel also spends time coaching baseball and serving as the assistant athletic director at his high school. We both find such fulfillment out of using our platforms as educators to help mentor our students as the become young adults. We have lived in the Bluffton area for thirteen years and absolutely love our home town. We are deeply invested into our church family, Live Oak Christian Church and have a strong community to walk out life with.
Did you know that the entire process of domestic adoption can range from about $25,000 to $50,000? This total involves the fee for the adoption agency, lawyers, doctors visits, costs of living, home study, and ALL THE PAPERWORK! ALL.THE.PAPERWORK! This process can be very overwhelming at times...but every time I think that, I stop to think about how much more overwhelming it is for the birth parents! Adoption is an intense process. It should be. A precious life is at stake! We continue to pray that God will guide us through this process and ultimately help us add our family.

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