Online Auction 2017

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October 2017
08:00 AM AEDT
October 2017
08:10 PM AEDT
GOAL $5,000.00
107.0% REACHED!

Online Auction 2017

Weetangera Primary School will be holding its annual fete on Sunday 29 October 2017. This is a fantastic community event attended by the many families and friends of the school as well as the local community.

Funds raised through the fete and this online auction, will be donated to Weetangera Primary School, with a focus on supporting the school’s Community Vegetable Garden initiative—this initiative aims to build a new vegetable garden for the school community and will become a valuable teaching space, creating connections between growing food and classroom learning.

About Weetangera Primary School

Weetangera School is situated in Belconnen in the north of the Australian Capital Territory.

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