Wallflower Sanctuary 'Holiday Gift' Auction

Wallflower Sanctuary
September 2021
12:00 PM ADT
September 2021
12:00 PM ADT
GOAL $2,000.00
94.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

Get your holiday gift shopping lists checked off early while supporting the residents of Wallflower Sanctuary. As a non-profit organization, all funds raised from this auction will go towards the ongoing care needs of the animal residents at Wallflower Sanctuary.


001_ Pig earrings- Cold Lake Cathy
002_ Heart earrings- Cold Lake Cathy
003_ "Miss You Pig Time" Card & Keychain pig bundle-
CadeauxNicNac & Turnonthecharm
004_ 3, 1inch buttons (Fruit and Veggie Gang, Bite Me Apple, Cute
Avocado Toast)
005_ Bumper sticker "Flesh is for Zombies"
006_ Vegan symbol sticker/car window decal (3 in/Green) and 4
inch white - Bark Door
007_ 10 postcards, 10 stickers - vegan veins
008_ Goat necklace - StickManJewlery
009_ Duck necklace - StickManJewlery
010_ Love animals, don't eat them' Silver Cuff- crobinsondesign
011_ Vegan' Siver Cuff- crobinsondesign
012_ 'be kind to animals' pig- crobinsondesign
013_ animal liberator' cow keychain- crobinsondesign
014_ pumpkin pail singlet ring- LadyMoonCompany
015_ Quilted coasters- cloverandfamily
016_ A4 art print- reKINDlebylisa
017_ A4 art print- reKINDlebylisa
018_ A4 art print- reKINDlebylisa
019_ A4 art print- reKINDlebylisa
020_ 8x10 'la luna' art print rose quartz- Goodwolfandco
021_ 8x10 'la luna' art print black and grey- Goodwolfandco
022_ 8x10 empress tarot print- Goodwolfandco
023_ Sheep painting - not yet uploaded
024_ Handmade rattan cloud wall basket-
025_ $80 Gift Card to StayKindCompany - StayKindCompany
026_ Otters in a Kyak print, 8x10"- CarolynElshof
027_ Lily Love - Watercolour and Ink- JenniferRobynBurke
028_ Canvas bag 1- Canvas Tote Bag- HannahCanvasStore
029_ Canvas bag 2- Aki Canvas Backpack- HannahCanvasStore
030_ Canvas bag 3- Kella Canvas Tote Bag- HannahCanvasStore
031_ Canvas bag 4- Vanie Canvas Mini Backpack-
032_ Canvas bag 5- Cross Body Bag- HannahCanvasStore
033_ Cat hammock- Purrfectcatbirdseat
034_ Feather palo santo holder- Burntthistleceramics
035_ ceramic hand made chicken mug- KandysPotteryShop
036_ handmade ceramic face pot - Enas Satir
037_ $20 credit for Scottage Cheeze
038_ Tooth powder and deodorant bar- OnSiteCare
039_ Lavender Lip Balm 4 pack and Headache Roller Ball-
Victoria Lavender Co.
040_ Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet set-A Little Something By
041_ 2 bottles of vegan and organic hand made body lotion-
042_ Free Float- Surface Float
043_ Indoor dog house with linen covers- ShopKMDesigns
044_ Lavender Stress Blend Roller Ball- Victoria Lavender Co.
045_ Pure lavender oil (12 ml) and Sleep/Relax Blend Roller Ball-
Victoria Lavender Co.
046_ Tiger eye stone bracelet and earring set- A Little Something
By Linda
047_ White/turquoise bird bracelet- A Little Something By Linda
048_ Engraved keychain with black cat- TurnOnTheCharm
049_ Engraved keychain with white cat- TurnOnTheCharm
050_ engraved keychain with pig- TurnOnTheCharm
051_ Sample Box (handcrafted soap) & mango lip balm-
Grounded Sage Skincare
052_ "Tofu" enamel goose pin
053_ Soap bars set of six- Grounded Sage Skincare
054_ Facial care box- Grounded Sage Skincare
055_ Framed Limited Edition Print by Metis Artist Don Cardinal
called 'Working Together'- Anonymous donation
056_ Fuller Confections $25 Gift Card- Fuller Confections
057_ Clay moon hanging- tinselandthrift
058_ Dill pickle carrot fermenting kit- Heyday Fermentables
059_ Vegan Street ballcap & t-shirt- Vegan Street
060_ Roni's Kitchen Cookbook- Roni's Kitchen
061_ Roni's Kitchen Cookbook- Roni's Kitchen
062_ I Don't Eat Pals' ball cap- The Grinning Goat
063_ Peekaboo Pig 8x10 print- DannyBStudios
064_ 30 min hello with chance and hazel - personal video chat
065_ 30 minute hello with bert - personal video chat
066_ 30 min hello with levi - personal video chat
067_ 30 min hello with Ravioli - personal video chat
068_ VEGAN sweatshirt- The Alice Sanctuary
069_ TAS t-shirt- The Alice Sanctuary
070_ Sampson framed print (8x10)- The Road Less Ravelled
071_ Dexter framed print (5x7)- The Road Less Ravelled
072_ Set of five cards - BestowedCards
073_ Diamond Willow carved walking stick
074_ PEACE Light Blue T-Shirt Bundle

About Wallflower Sanctuary

Wallflower Sanctuary is a non-profit organization located in Wuhrs Beach, New Brunswick, Canada. Wallflower provides a loving forever home to over 60 neglected and abused farmed animals in need.

Wallflower Sanctuary is a place where animals are loved, celebrated, and given the space to live their lives in peace without the threat of harm. Wallflower Sanctuary is a soft place to land for animals who have been abused or neglected.

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