Undocumented Women's Fund Art Store

June 2021
07:00 PM EDT
September 2021
11:45 PM EDT
GOAL $2,500.00
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About Our Auction

The Undocumented Women’s Fund aims to fundraise throughout this winter to continue our community care work. As a mutual aid project, our objectives are to assess the needs of undocumented women (especially those who are heads of a household) from a gender-aware perspective; tackle barriers to access existing resources; and provide direct cash grants when no other resources are available. Our auction includes a variety of art forms, including paintings, drawings, pottery, and digital work (which will be printed and offered in physical form).

An art store not only helps us raise funds but also showcases the amazing talent of supporters and artists. Thus, through this process, we are able to intentionally and meaningfully engage with our cause and our community.

In line with our mission, the artists showcased in this auction are all deeply committed to the fight for more structural equity for undocumented folks, the socialization of carework, labor rights, feminism, and the right of equal access to basic resources for all.

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PAYMENT: All payments will be made through UWF's PayPal.Me link or Venmo account once pieces have been purchased.

About Undocumented Women's Fund

The Undocumented Women’s Fund (“UWF”) arose in reaction to the disproportionate impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the undocumented community. Undocumented women have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, experiencing mass job loss or risking their health performing low-wage jobs that provide little protection from COVID-19 - all while bearing the weight of the care work that sustains our communities. Additionally, their immigration status limits their access to basic social services and has been used to exclude them and their families from any kind of COVID-19 relief.

In response to these structural inequalities undocumented women face amidst the pandemic, UWF provides direct financial assistance to this community while fostering a long-term, autonomous, and gender-aware mutual aid network termed a “Comadre network.” We determine eligible community members through a network of liaisons throughout New York City. Then we provide direct financial support and mobilize other resources to support our grantees. Through this process, we foster the development of sustainable mutual-aid systems led by immigrant and undocumented women.

All the money that we raise goes directly to undocumented women and will provide them the necessary support they deserve. With your support, undocumented women and their families can better overcome the precarity of lack of access to food, threats of eviction, illness, and loss. Thank you for standing in solidarity with undocumented women.

To donate to UWF directly, visit https://bit.ly/UWFund

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/undocuwomensfund/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/undocuwomensfund/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/undocuwomenfund?s=21

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