From Their Walls to Yours

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October 2019
08:00 AM EDT
October 2019
11:24 PM EDT
GOAL $47,250.00
10.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

The UP Health System-Marquette graciously donated all of the old hospital’s art to the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum.

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum with the deepest of gratitude decided to sell the work as a fundraiser toward the "Play it Forward Campaign" goal of $47,250. If the goal is achieved it affords the Museum an opportunity to offer 350 FREE year-long memberships to families of need by December 31, 2019.

Through the 32 Auctions site, a portion of the artwork is now being offered for sale.

Due to the magnitude of art, the Museum will offer a second auction of the remaining pieces, in the near future... date to be announced.

This first online sale will be LIVE for Hospital employees on October 11-13 and to the general public on October 14-20, closing at 11:00 October 20th.

The artwork MUST be picked up from the old hospital ER entrance on one of two dates:
Thursday, October 24, 3-6
Sunday, October 27, 12-3

For more information contact the Children’s Museum at 906-226-3911 ext. 101 or 102 or email If you are searching for a particular piece and you are not seeing it here, please email a description and we can see if we can locate it.

THANK YOU for making a purchase of art and helping the Museum reach its goal of offering 350 year-long memberships to families of need.

It’s all about love.

About The Upper Peninsula Children's Museum

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum is like no other children’s museum because it was entirely designed WITH KIDS! The 16,000 square foot building is filled with hands-on exhibits that act as stages in promoting imagination, creativity, innovation, and role-playing geared to preschool and early elementary aged children and their families.
Recognizing that the poverty level is above average in our region the museum strives to serve all children and their families by offering free year-long memberships to families of need. The "Play it Forward 2019" campaign has a goal of raising $47,250 to offer free memberships to 350 families by Dec. 31, 2019

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