Reserved Parking Spaces

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October 2019
05:00 PM CDT
October 2019
At Midnight CDT

About Our Auction

Winners will receive 1 of 10 parking spaces for the 2019-2020 Club Season. All proceeds from the auction will go to our scholarship fund for equipment and other items needed to help our athletes perform at their best.

About Texas Tornados Volleyball Club

The Texas Tornados Volleyball Club has become recognized as one of the finest volleyball programs in the Houston area, state of Texas, and nationally. Our reputation has been based on the quality of our coaching staff, our training, and our athletes playing at the top colleges in the nation. Our goal is to provide athletes with technical, mental, and physical training. Our Tumbleweeds Program provides a basic foundation as well as promotes the love of the game. We want our athletes to understand the meaning of team and commitment. With that understanding, athletes can excel to be the best that they can be individually and collectively. Learning to be a part of a team and making commitments helps to achieve one of the best lessons in life. Texas Tornados teaches individuals to excel, promotes competitiveness and family unity, and develops leadership skills that transcend athletics into every aspect of an athlete's life.

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