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The Power of Pablo

The Pablo Ramirez Foundation
March 2022
03:00 PM PST
March 2022
09:14 PM PDT
GOAL $75,000.00
95.3% To Goal

The Power of Pablo

The Pablo Ramirez Foundation is honored to host The Power of Pablo Art Show and Benefit. The group show is on display at The SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA. from 3/12-3/25. Alongside archival quality reproductions of Pablo's original artwork, there are over 100 established and emerging artists who have generously donated work to honor Pablo and support the Pablo Ramirez Foundation.

Many, but not all of the participants knew Pablo personally. Even artists who Pablo never met knew of him and his work, and have contributed their art in support. Some of the most prominent include Mark Gonzales, Alicia McCarthy, Joe Roberts, Chris Johanson, Jahmal Williams, Steve ESPO Powers, Jeffrey Cheung, and Haroshi.

About The Pablo Ramirez Foundation

Our mission is to promote a positive lifestyle through skateboarding, music and art for kids and young adults. We are devoted to helping youth grow positively and with confidence, to create, to respect and to express themselves.

We believe we can make the world a better place by helping people find joy in what they love.

The foundation hand-selects key non-profit partners with goals that are consistent with what mattered most to Pablo. We give grants and scholarships to kids and young adults in need. We host skateboard, art opening and music events that further the foundation’s mission.

We invite you to join the Pablo Ramirez Foundation and help build the momentum in doing something that matters and has a powerful impact on the lives of others.

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