TGRC Virtual Rendezvous Auction

May 2020
08:00 AM MDT
May 2020
08:00 AM MDT

About Our Auction

Let's link arms and raise some funds to make sure state of the art grief programs exist throughout Montana and beyond! Generous artists, community members and businesses have rallied to set the stage for an extraordinary auction. Now it’s your turn. Bid. Share the link. Spread the good vibes. Every little bit helps make sure grief programs are there for everyone -for our friends, for our families, and for our neighbors and colleagues -immediately following a devastating loss and for the days, months, and years to come.

These unique times present us with enormous amounts of multifaceted grief. We may not be able to gather for our annual Benefit, A Taste to Remember, but we are here and together we will stay strong.

Jump into this auction goodness knowing that you can take home some amazing items and experiences, all while supporting bereaved kids and adults! You make a difference.

About Tamarack Grief Resource Center

Tamarack Grief Resource Center strengthens and honors individuals, families, and communities throughout their journey with grief.

As Montana’s only comprehensive grief center, Tamarack Grief Resource Center (TGRC) provides stabilizing and growth-oriented programs for youth, adults, and professionals. Programs are designed to address community needs and improve accessibility and efficacy of grief and trauma care and education throughout the region. TGRC works to grow and enhance the overall network of grief care throughout the state. We train, educate, and empower grief care providers, professionals, and community members in best practices of grief and trauma care.

TGRC provides grief support and education through counseling, telehealth, bereavement camps, community workshops, conferences, support groups, urgent response, and school activities.

TGRC specializes in nature-based grief support programs in recognition of the physiological benefits of immersion in the natural world. Programs integrate narrative, physical, symbolic, and creative outlets to foster a multi-faceted approach to grief expression and integration.

In 2019, TGRC served over 5,827 individuals through grief support and education. Over 80 percent of support program participants attend at no cost or with reduced fees. ort groups, urgent response, and school activities.

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