Tail Spin

October 2021
03:00 PM EDT
October 2021
09:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Do you want first choice ?
Do you want your entire family to come and chose your new addition?

The highest bidder on each auction time slot will be able to come in and chose their cat/kitten at the allotted time slot.
If you bid and win more than one time slot you are responsible to pay for both time slots, you can stay for the length of time of the 2 time slots as well.
All highest bids mat pay within a hour of the auction closing, failure to do so will forfeit your time slot to the next highest bidder
All highest bidder must submit their applications prior to coming to meet the cats, the application can be found at www.cattalesnh.org
The bids are for time slots (appointments) not actual cats
The cats shown are kittens that will be at the rescue for your appointment time.
Benefits of joining the auction:
You dont have to wait in long lines to come in on Sat
You can bring your entire family, including kids
We will have enough kittens for appointment time slots

You are bidding on appointment times not individual cats
Appointment times as follows
1st Appointment 10/16 at 9:00am
You will be the first one to view all our cats and kittens
2nd Appointment 10/16 at 9:15
You will be the second one to view all our cats and kittens
3rd Appointment 10/16 at 9:30
You will be the third one to view all our cats and kittens
4th Appointment 10/16 at 9:45

All winning bids are due at the time the auction ends, if left unpaid after an hour of the auction ending you will forfeit your winning bid onto the next bidder
If you win more than one time slot you are responsible to pay for both time slots and will be given the time you have paid for. Sometimes we can contact a bidder below you and ask them to take you bid.
You must submit an application once the auction closes, it is located on our website www.cattalesnh.org
If you have already submitted your application please go to your send file and resubmit in the subject line
Monies raised goes towards life saving treatment for any cats in our care with FIP

About Cat Tales

We are a all volunteer non profit cat rescue.
All monies from our auctions go directly to the most urgent medical needs of our cats.
We take cats in from all over the world, for many we are their last hope.

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