Sturgis Library's August Online Auction 2021

August 2021
06:00 AM EDT
August 2021
05:06 PM EDT
GOAL $15,000.00
76.4% To Goal

About Sturgis Library

Sturgis Library, a historic public library in the village of Barnstable, is dedicated to providing services and resources to meet the needs of a contemporary community while preserving and promoting Cape Cod history.

Our Library is housed in a building constructed in 1644 as a meetinghouse and home for the Rev. John Lothrop, one of the founders of the Town of Barnstable. It is one of the oldest buildings on Cape Cod, and the oldest building housing a public library in the country. It became a public library in 1867, and is named for Captain William Sturgis, a descendant of John Lothrop.

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About Our Auction

This online auction will benefit Sturgis Library, and proceeds will be used to provide programs and services to our library visitors and the community.

All items in this auction have been generously donated by individuals and businesses. We are grateful for their generosity.


--All bidders will be asked to provide their email address and create a password so that they can be notified when they are outbid, or if they are the winning bidder.

--Items in this auction are each assigned a minimum starting bid, and bidding increments.

--Bidders can place a PROXY bid that will identify the maximum you want to pay for an item, but will only show the minimum bid or the next bidding increment to all viewers. If another person bids on that item, your bid will automatically increase up up to the next bidding increment until it reaches the max you set.

--This auction includes an EXTENDED BIDDING feature. Extended Bidding extends the end time of an item by 3 minutes when it receives a bid during the final 3 minutes. This allows bidders to relax during the end of an auction knowing they'll have time to enter a new bid if they're outbid in the final 3 minutes, making it easier to maintain their lead on one or more items.

How does Extended Bidding work?
If an item receives a bid during the final 3 minutes of the auction, the item end time will be extended to allow for 3 additional minutes of bidding. This process repeats until no new bids are received during the final 3 minutes of the item bidding window or the auction has been extended for a maximum of 30 minutes beyond the original end time. When an auction is extended, you'll see Extended Bidding messages displayed throughout the auction with a link for easily viewing all of the extended items.

--The auction includes some BUY IT NOW items, and also some items that are a combination of traditional auction and buy it now. For the combination items, you may either enter your bid the traditional way, or if you really want the item and are willing to pay the buy it now price, you can choose that option.

--All winning bidders must pay for their items and pick them up or arrange for shipping within one week of the end of the auction.