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100 Girls: Enrolled, Educated, Empowered

Studio Samuel Foundation Inc
October 2020
11:45 PM EDT
October 2020
11:00 PM EDT
GOAL $6,500.00
41.2% To Goal

100 Girls: Enrolled, Educated, Empowered

100% of your funds will be applied to enroll the next 100 Training for Tomorrow students, Studio Samuel's two-year after-school & weekend program.

When girls are denied access to education, they face unsafe options in their future (child marriage, child labor, trafficking, prostitution, more). Training for Tomorrow provides access to education, job skills, and life-skills.

About Studio Samuel Foundation Inc

​Studio Samuel creates pathways for girls in Ethiopia to reach their ​potential through education + employable skills.

Studio Samuel opened its training center doors to the first class of 25 girls in January 2015 after being granted an International NGO license by the Charities and Societies Agency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Studio Samuel’s mission is to create pathways for girls to reach their potential through education and employable skills with Training for Tomorrow, the organization’s trademarked life skills program. Today, the program has reached over 2,200 girls (9-18 years old) in Ethiopia and its vocational arm has been accredited as a college. Studio Samuel Institute of Technology opened in October 2019 to 50 young women (18-24 years old).

Tamara Horton, FIT graduate, Women’s Campaign International Global Ambassador to Ethiopia and Board Member of Ethiopia Healthcare Network, founded Studio Samuel following the international adoption of her son, Samuel. Tamara saw firsthand that safe options were stripped from a girl when she is born into poverty and is denied an education. Her goal was to create a 'teach a woman to fish' platform which would result in opportunity and safe options, steering girls away from the all too common pathways of child marriage, trafficking, and child labor, which deny them education and voice.

Training for Tomorrow is held after school and on weekends and impacts young Ethiopian women through mentoring, counseling, self-defense training, occupational training, healthcare and more. Studio Samuel graduates are enrolling in college, mentoring peers and using their voice for change in their communities.

Studio Samuel is grateful to have its mission supported and amplified by Global Ambassadors Julian Lennon and Izzy Bizu.

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