October 2021
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October 2021
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About Our Auction

The purpose of this auction is to raise funds to help Sterling with his rehabilitation and other essentials not covered by his insurance. Sterling’s dream is to some day soon “drive and walk again.”
Sterling was a vibrant, energetic, teenager who was full of life and full of big dreams for his future until he suffered a tragic life threatening dirt bike accident and is now confined to a wheelchair. When he arrived at the hospital his chance of survival was dim. Only the power of prayer miraculously pulled him through. His family was told he would likely not be able to breath on his own; he would likely not be able to move again; he would likely not be able to take care of himself... Through prayers and sheer determination Sterling is breathing on his own. He can’t move all his limbs but he does have the ability to move his arms a little. His high school sweetheart has devoted her life to fight the good fight with Sterling and has been at his side for his every need. His family and friends work tirelessly to help him in whatever way we can.

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On Nov 28, 2020, 19 year old Sterling Stanley had a life changing dirt bike accident while spending time with family and friends at Superstition in the desert. Life Flight airlifted him and took him to Desert Regional Medical ICU Trauma II Center in Palm Springs, CA, where he underwent several surgeries repairing a shattered 5th vertebrae, broken 4th vertebrae plus wrist injury. After being intubated for over a week he was placed on ventilator via a tracheotomy. After over two weeks at Desert Regional Sterling was transported to the ICU unit in San Diego. Following some very intense rehabilitation he is able to move his shoulders and lift his arms and has some sensation in his legs but cannot move them. Sterling is strong physically and mentally but his journey is going to be a long and difficult one.
Please help support Sterling with your prayers and your financial donations to get the best medical treatment that will help him live his life to the fullest. The family thanks you for any help you can provide. God Bless and Thank you!

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October 10, 2021, Begins at 8:30 pm