Brain Injury Awareness Silent Auction

March 2021
05:00 PM EST
March 2021
At Midnight EDT

About Our Auction

Restore Health Group is committed to providing support for and increasing the awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries within the larger community. To further this mission, we are hosting a week of educational events, fundraising and fun! All proceeds from events will benefit The Brain Injury Association of Georgia. This non-profit organization works to support, educate, and care for those affected directly and indirectly by brain injury by providing scholarships for treatment, education, and advocacy for the brain injury community.

About Restore Health Group

Restore Health Group is a post acute healthcare organization specializing in neurobehavioral treatment and supported living services, dedicated to serving adults with acquired brain injury who are challenged by behavioral issues. In addition to providing the highest level of care for those with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), we as a company strive to increase awareness of TBI within the larger community. Brain injuries affect a great number of people every year, and the required treatment and rehabilitation can be extensive and costly, making it inaccessible for a number of patients. Not only is this a barrier to care, but quite often people do not understand the effects a TBI can have or how they can receive assistance which is why we are committed to spreading awareness.

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