Auction to support Stop Alton Gas Camp

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July 2017
08:00 AM ADT
July 2017
11:00 PM ADT
GOAL $2,000.00
37.4% To Goal

About Our Auction

We have dedicated people working to protect the water from Alton Gas. All money raised will go toward keeping the camp running. This includes paying for food and water, paying for gas for people coming to and going from the camp, and raising awareness in the area. The money will be managed by a collective of elders in the Sipekne'katik Mi'kmaq community.

About Grassroots Grandmothers

Nova Scotians join Mikmaq communities, including, women, government and community members and our allies and landowners are standing up and saying 'NO" to brine waste in our traditional territory.

The Alton Natural Gas Storage Project is proposing to create up to 18 underground storage caverns to store natural gas. These are created by mining out salt deposits with a technique called solution mining. Salt is removed by pumping water from the Shubenacadie River into the Salt cavern to dissolve the salt. This brine solution is then pumped into a mixing pond. More fresh water is pumped from the river once the tide turns to dilute this brine mixture by 10. Then the brine is pumped back into the river. The amount of salt from these caverns amounts to over 8 million cubic yards - 500,000 dump truck loads.

This is a massive threat to the fishlife and fish habitat of the Shubenacadie and Stewiacke River.

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