St. John's On-Going Auction

St. John's Episcopal School
December 2022
01:00 PM EST
March 2023
06:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

St. John's on-going auction will have new items posted for bid periodically. All funds raised will be used for school improvements and materials to ensure students success.

About St. John's Episcopal School

St. John’s Episcopal School is committed to being a school of academic excellence where children experience a loving, nurturing environment within a Christian setting.

St. John’s School strives to be a place where curiosity and exploration of knowledge and ideas abound, a place where real understanding is the goal of learning, a place of inquiry, where students learn to become problem solvers and life-long learners; a place where students learn and live Christian values in every area of their school life.

It is the goal of St. John’s School to develop all aspects of a student’s life-academic, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional.

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