Additional Auction Items

December 2021
09:00 AM CST
January 2022
At Midnight CST

About Our Auction

Derby Days is the only fundraiser the Stallions host each year. With the cancelation of Derby Days in 2020, it’s an especially important fundraiser this year.

As a non-profit organization, similar to most other Illinois youth travel hockey programs, we depend on contributions to help support our organization and plans for the future. The purpose of our fundraising is to keep the cost to play hockey competitive with other programs while also making it accessible to those families who need assistance.

About Chicago Stallions Hockey Club

Chicago Stallions Hockey Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit premier youth hockey organization in the Chicagoland area that offers a supportive community for learning and unparalleled individual player development. We field teams across all levels of play so that we can promote the many benefits of the game of hockey.

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