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Stahl's Autos for Autism 2021

Stahl's Auto Collection
July 2021
12:15 PM EDT
July 2021
03:23 PM EDT

Stahl's Autos for Autism 2021

Thank you for participating in our 3rd Autos for Autism fundraiser! We have some wonderful items that were donated to assist us in raising funds for the Ted Lindsay Foundation. You can read more about what they do to assist autism research on their website at
All proceeds from this auction and any donations received will be given to the charity to aid in their work for autism research. We'd like to thank those that offered items for this auction including Phil Ehart, drummer for Kansas, Jay Leno, Concours d'Elegance of America, M1 Concourse, and DC Sports.

About Stahl's Auto Collection

Stahl's Auto Collection is a non-profit collection in Chesterfield, Michigan open to everyone so we can share the stories and promote education of automotive history to all ages. We are proud to partner with the Ted Lindsay Foundation and assist them with their mission to raise funds for autism research.

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