Blue Print: Benefit Auction for Spudnik Press

Spudnik Press Cooperative
October 2020
08:30 PM CDT
October 2020
08:35 PM CDT
GOAL $22,000.00
86.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

As much as we yearn to throw our cherished annual art party in person, our 2020 celebration will not be contained by the walls of our venue.

But we all know Spudnik is not just a building. We are a community. We are the place where artists build from. Despite closures we have continued that work, and we need your help to strengthen our plans for the future!

As a vital support structure for printmakers, Spudnik has always been one of the most flexible and accessible print shops in the country, with many doorways into our studios and many new projects using us as their foundation. Blue Print is just the beginning of how we will thrive in this new era through providing space for the visions of our community to thrive.

Up to 25% of each final bid will go directly to the artist.

Host Committee:
Myron Beasley, Barry Blinderman, Holly & Zack Cahill, Jessica Cochran, Chris & Carrie Flynn, Aron Gent & Betsy O’Brien, KG, Adriane Herman, Scott Hunter, Jaclyn Jacunski, Steve & Brian Reinke, and Edra Soto.

Graphic Design:

About Spudnik Press Cooperative

Our mission at Spudnik Press is to provide facilities and services for artists who need a place to create or exhibit their original artwork, especially those who cannot obtain access to traditional printmaking facilities and exhibition spaces because of financial or other limitations.

To provide education in printmaking practices though uniting professional artists with a diverse community of emerging artists, established artists, youth, and adults.

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