Nutmeg Portrait for Somerset Badger Group

September 2020
05:00 PM BST
September 2020
05:00 PM BST

About Our Auction

This is the sale of the portrait of little Nutmeg, the real life wild badger, recently photographed by Mr Lumpy and Friends. Follow her and her friends’ stories on Facebook and Twitter and support them via
The Somerset based artist is donating all proceeds of the sale to the Somerset Badger Group to help combat the ongoing government backed cull of badgers nationwide.
You may bid for the original hand drawn artwork, framed and mounted, and the first limited edition signed print.

About Somerset Badger Group

The Somerset Badger Group is committed to conserving, protecting and promoting badgers, their habitats and resting places, along with other native wildlife, by education to, and support for, the wider public.

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