Significant Otherness: A Benefit For SNPLA

January 2017
01:00 AM PST
March 2017
At Midnight PST

Significant Otherness: A Benefit For SNPLA

Significant Otherness, a benefit for the Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles (SNPLA), explores the unique bond between animals and humans through artwork generously donated by eight contemporary artists for a gallery exhibition at Angels Gate Cultural Center and available for sale in this online auction.

100% of all Significant Otherness proceeds go directly to SNPLA, whose mission is to substantially reduce animal shelter intake and euthanasia by providing high quality, low-cost veterinary and spay/neuter services to underserved communities in Los Angeles.

Significant Otherness features paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photographs by Yuh-Shioh (ēsho) Katie Shapiro, Pablo Carrillo, Davida Nemeroff, Rachelle Sawatsky, Anna Helm, and Sarah McMenimen. Additionally, artists Jim Isermann, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Melanie Florio, Daniel Gibson, and Kristofferson San Pablo have designed limited edition tote bags for sale to "Buy Now."
Click the "View All Items" button below the "Featured Items" to shop for tote bags.

Here are just a few ways your generous gift will start helping pets right away:
-$1,000: Neuters 9 large breed dogs, preventing countless unwanted litters and euthanasia.
-$250: Helps 10 Good Samaritans get 10 community (un-owned) cats spayed or neutered.
-$100: Spays 1 rescue dog, vastly improving its chances of getting adopted.
-$50: Spays 1 cat, preventing countless litters of kittens from adding to the overwhelming 70% of cats turned into animal shelters that are euthanized.
-$15: Vaccinates 1 pet, helping prevent disease and help this pet live a longer, healthier, happier life.

About Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles

SNPLA's nonprofit veterinary programs for Los Angeles dogs and cats make life-saving veterinary care affordable and accessible. SNPLA helps pets stay happy and healthy in their homes with their families. We are working to reduce animal shelter euthanasia in Los Angeles and we are proud to have achieved the benchmark of 150,000 dogs and cats spayed and neutered since opening our doors in 2007. In 2017 we will achieve the goal of No Kill within LA City animal shelters along with our NKLA Coalition Partners - and thanks to the support of donors like you! When you bid on an auction item or click the "Donate Money" button, you're joining SNPLA in our mission to save LA cats and dogs. Thank you!

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