2018 Holiday Auction

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November 2018
06:00 PM EST
December 2018
10:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

As always, 100% of money raised will go to supporting our rescue cats.
Should you wish to make a DONATION, please visit our website (www.ninthlifecatrescue.org), or follow this link: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/25254

Leaves are falling, the wind has a chill to it, and soon the snow will fly. Momma cats with little kittens will be looking for warmth and shelter. Older cats who have been left behind when their owners moved no longer feel the heat of the sun and are feeling anxious about where to go next. These are the babies who need our attention now. The approaching winter does not mean that rescues can take time off to relax. No, it’s just the opposite. We will be inundated with calls about our feline friends who are left outside to survive the elements - a poor beaten-up tom who is huddling near a door to get out of the driving rain, a desperate mom transporting her kittens one by one to put under a neighbouring deck for protection, an injured sweet girl who manages to drag herself to an empty warehouse to rest.
Vet visits, shots, surgeries for injuries, spay and neuter, food, and shelter are going to be needed for these sweet ones. This is what our Holiday Auction is all about; fundraising so that we can save the lives of these little ones and help them find their forever homes. So please check out our auction and when it opens bid often and bid up. Help make a difference to these gentle souls.

About Ninth Life Cat Rescue of Ontario

Website: www.ninthlifecatrescue.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ninth.Life.Cat.Rescue/
Twitter: @NinthLifeCR
Instagram: @nlcrcats

Ninth Life Cat Rescue is a registered Canadian charity that is entirely volunteer driven - charity #81442 4800 RR0001. We are passionate and dedicated to rescuing cats from many different situations. They are often facing illness or disease, abandonment, starvation, or living without the basic necessities of a loving home. Our work is primarily in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and surrounding areas. Rescued cats are placed in loving foster homes and provided with health care, food, safety, warmth and socialization to prepare them for adoption into forever homes.

We do not receive any government funding. Adoption fees, funds raised through special events organized by volunteers, and private donations from people like you who support our work are our only financial support. All contributions are used to further the rescue efforts and pay costly veterinary bills, many of which are the result of cats requiring extensive or specialized medical care. With your support, we can give them a chance for a better life.

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