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2021 Fall Challenge

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
September 2021
08:00 AM PDT
October 2021
11:45 PM PDT
GOAL $5,000.00
80.7% To Goal

2021 Fall Challenge

This fall we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary and this auction is part of our Annual California Fall Challenge (CFC) fundraising campaign to raise $40,000 for our science and outreach programs this year. Through our silent auction, participants help us reach $8,000 toward our fundraising goal and receive great items or experiences. Thank you for supporting our work!

About San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory

The San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory is a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats through science and outreach.

We do science to better understand our local bird populations and their habitats. We share our data with universities and other scientists who use it to answer important questions about the health of our ecosystems, and with policymakers and Bay Area residents who use it to preserve the beauty and biodiversity of our region. Through our habitats programs, we work to determine and implement methods to restore Snowy Plover, Burrowing Owl, and tidal marsh habitat.

We do outreach because we know science is only half of the equation. We understand that in order to meet our mission, we need communities that value birds and are willing to work for their survival. We engage hundreds of volunteers each year in citizen science opportunities that increase their investment in our work. Through our environmental education and outreach activities we connect people to the birds in their neighborhoods and help instill in the public a desire to protect wild animals and wild spaces.

Once the winner of each auction is announced, you will receive an email with payment instructions to follow. If you have questions please email cfc@sfbbo.org. Auctioned item payments are not tax deductible.

Pickup/Shipping Instruction:
Auctioned gift certificates will be mailed or e-mailed to their bid winners. All other items must be picked up at our Annual Membership Meeting on October 30 or at our office in Milpitas, CA in November.

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