Art Auction

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May 2019
10:00 AM AEST
June 2019
12:00 PM AEST
GOAL $5,000.00
24.1% To Goal

About Our Auction

All money raised will go to supporting the Cancer Council

About Dr Sally Butchers Lismore Dance for Cancer

I am a general surgeon and I have been working in Lismore for over 10 years now. I love my work and my lifestyle in one of the premier rural areas in NSW. I have often spoken of how lucky we are with the Cancer Services we are able to provide to our local community. I treat patients with lots of different types of cancer. With the help of the Cancer Council of NSW we can help fund research that can lead to advancements in cancer treatment.

I have been involved with fund raising for lots of local charities. Cancer Council requires support to help fund vital research leading to new discoveries in cancer treatments and run lifesaving education and helping with prevention of cancer. All their work is done with a vision for a cancer free world.

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