Sarama Animal Rescue!

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June 2019
01:00 AM EDT
June 2019
11:48 PM EDT
GOAL $2,000.00
104.5% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Sarama Animal Rescue’s mission is to provide our animals with a loving home. To give abandoned and abused animals what is necessary to be placed in a forever home. This auction will help us achieve these goals but caring for the animals already in our care and by giving us the resources to care for animals in our community.

About Sarama Animal Rescue

Sarama Animal Rescue was inspired by the animals that need us most. They have taught us about unconditional love, about trusting even when you’re vulnerable and about resilience and hope even after trauma. This rescue is our way to honor them and to give back to them.

Before creating Sarama Animal Rescue, we worked in the animal rescue world for many years. We wanted to do more for all of the animals we came across that were the most often overlooked for adoption, whether because of behavioral issues, struggling in the stressful environment of a kennel, or even just their physical appearance. We couldn’t help but put ourselves in the animals’ shoes and think how we would feel to be abandoned by ones we loved, end up in a stressful shelter and get overlooked time and time again.

Once taken out of the shelter environment and placed in a foster home, many of these animals thrived and became well-adjusted members of the family. While there are some that do need extra TLC, we have never regretted giving an animal a chance.

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