Sanctuary "Strings to Wings" Guitar Art Auction

February 2021
08:00 AM MST
March 2021
08:00 PM MST
GOAL $20,000.00
27.3% To Goal

Sanctuary "Strings to Wings" Guitar Art Auction

Strings to Wings is an Online Silent Auction of astounding art pieces created from repurposed guitars. The Auction benefits The Sanctuary Project, BCAA and the Artists! The online auction will take place from February 22nd to March 3rd!

This Strings To Wings auction, through the support of Yamaha Cares Upcycle Program, is designed to raise the funds needed to continue outreach programs to under-voiced communities, complete this collection of songs and get the Sanctuary album out for distribution. Your participation in the auction helps these under-voiced communities get their honest and heart-felt stories out to the world.

From minor flaws to major breakage, these guitars were to become trash in landfills. With the support of Yamaha Cares Upcycle Program, Rebecca Folsom, the Sanctuary team, and 24 extraordinary fine artists we have turned these instruments into Beautiful works of art!

Welcome! Check it out!

It’s super easy!

• Create your account.
• Browse the 26 guitars to find yours.
• Bid on your favorite guitar (or 2!).
• Get updates on your bid via email.
• Be notified when you win your bid.
• Pay and pick up your guitar. (If you're outside of CO arrange for
shipping/delivery of your guitar).
• Do the Happy Snoopy dance for being part of an amazing
communal Win/Win/Win!

We go live February 22nd 8am MST and finish March 3rd 8pm MST!

The pieces have been created by artists ranging from novice to gallery professional, from 3 years old to almost 70 years old! Each piece is a unique and exquisite expression of human creativity. Sanctuary is based in the understanding that each of us is a valuable, even priceless contributor, and when each unique contributor is brought together we create a powerful and enriched diversity of the whole. Just like this Strings to Wings project!

We've marked these art guitars as "Priceless" because each is a one-of-a-kind contribution of the heart.

By owning one of these beautiful pieces of art, you are contributing to making the world a more inclusive and compassionate place, bringing voice to the under-voiced and empowering transformation!

About Rebecca Folsom's Sanctuary Project

Using the universal language and unifying power of music, the Sanctuary project is a musical collaboration between writers, musicians, music industry professionals, non-profit organizations and the communities they serve to create justice, equality, and peace.

Rebecca Folsom has been facilitating 12 major collaborations with already established non-profit organizations to listen and bridge understanding of diverse communities, bring voice to under-voiced individuals. and to balance inequities between these communities and the mainstream. She did this through leading workshops, engaging in personal conversations and interviews, touring facilities, and co-writing with diverse populations, leaders & staff of social impact organizations, and top music professionals.

What is being created:
•Workshops to assist in empowering under-voiced individuals and
communities through the power of storytelling and music.
•Listening, writing, co-creating songs of individual stories that face into
individual realities and bridge our humanity.
•Recording with top level musicians and producers to create an album
of 12 sonically exquisite and impactful songs.
•A full national promotional campaign getting the stories and music
out into the world.
•Literally bringing the voices of previously under-voiced individuals and
communities to the stage on tour by offering additional workshops
and a feature in the live performance spotlight.

Storytelling and music hit to the heart of our humanity. Sanctuary is a potent vessel of human aliveness to awaken awareness, bridge diverse communities and sing in unity of our shared human experience!

Rebecca has chosen organizations that have a clear commitment and extended track record of positive impact within the communities they serve:

Homelessness: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
Prisons: Colorado Corrections and The Realness Project
New Thought: NYT Bestselling Author Dr. Katie Hendricks (Foundation of Conscious Living)
Spiritual Life: Zen Master Roshi Reta Lawler
Refugees: IRC International Rescue Committee (Serving Youth Asylum Seekers)
Mental Wellness: Diane Israel and the Boulder Community Health Center
Nature conservation: National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, One Tree Planted
Women’s Empowerment: Suzy Batiz, CEO Poo-Pourri & Supernatural, Forbes List of America’s Top Self-Made Women

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