35th Anniversary 2018/19 Season Fundraiser

Roseneath Theatre
April 2019
01:00 PM EDT
May 2019
07:00 PM EDT
GOAL $4,500.00
82.9% To Goal

About Our Auction

Roseneath Theatre had an incredible 18-19 season, performing three productions to nearly 50,000 students across 40,000km throughout Canada and the United States. Roseneath employed over 50 artists with 5 full time staff, 5 part-time, a co-op student and an intern.

Last year our online auction was such a success we’re doing it again!

And we need you to bid. If you don’t think any of our items suit you, you can still donate to Roseneath Theatre directly! We need you to tell your friends, who can tell their friends, who can tell their friends so that someone can take home some of this great stuff. Your help will ensure that the kids who need it most won’t miss out on experiencing the best in theatre for young audiences.

Arts funding is always the first on the chopping block when we have political turnover and the past election cycle was no exception! The Ontario Arts Council has a steep cut in available funding and we are anticipating a cut to our usual core funding from them. On top of that we are also seeking a corporate funder after our major partner did not renew their sponsorship last year. These are common challenges that organizations like ours face, but we’ve been at it for 35 years.

Auction items purchased with the "Buy Now" option will receive a tax receipt equal to the value over the Fair Market Value of the package. For example if the package is worth $100 and the buy now price is $120, you will receive a tax receipt of $20.00! Thank you for your donation!

About Roseneath Theatre

Always entertaining and imaginative, Roseneath Theatre production have been engaging youth in meaningful dialogue, and key social justice and equity concepts since 1983.
Roseneath continues to change the way that the public and theatre professionals in North America view Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA). To the public, TYA generally has a poor reputation of being condescending and cartoonish with low production values and over-the-top acting. We challenge that stereotype by creating organic dramatic productions that compare with the best of adult theatre. Our plays address issues that resonate with today’s youth, encouraging them to reflect on themselves and their place within the community.

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