OH, ROCKY!! A Time Warp.

Neptune Theatre
July 2022
10:00 AM ADT
August 2022
11:45 PM ADT

About Our Auction

Neptune Theatre, as a not-for-profit organization, creating theatre in the heart of Halifax, NS, is constantly raising money to assist with its very existence.
After a particularly tough couple of years (thanks, COVID) we were thrilled and overwhelmed with the excitement and joy our audience felt for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which ran at Neptune for 8 weeks (May & June, 22)
As part of our 22-23 Season fundraising activity, we are delighted to create a Rocky Horror themed auction.
Fans of the production can get hold of items from the show, memorabilia and some very rare creative items that appeared on stage.
Oh, Rocky!
We invite you all to 'come up to the lab...and see what's on the slab..!'

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: We are adding a payment option through 32auctions, but payment can also be made directly to Neptune by emailing: jwebb@neptunetheatre.com (to make arrangements for payment & collection.)

Interac e-transfers: payment@neptunetheatre.com PLEASE make sure you detail the item bought and include contact information to arrange collection.

NOTE: A few more exciting items may be added in the coming days!!

About Neptune Theatre

Neptune Theatre is Atlantic Canada’s premier destination for live, professional theatre. On our stages, you’ll experience theatre that is uplifting and inspiring. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll reflect. You will see top talent from across North America, including the best from right here in Atlantic Canada. Our roots are deep in this region. For 60 years we have been deeply connected to our local community and we continue to seek new ways to create outstanding theatrical experiences that enlighten and bring joy to our audiences.

We are the cultural heart and soul of the Halifax community. Our values are grounded in the belief that the power of live theatre can transform and connect. With a mindful and inclusive approach, we are committed to bringing stories that represent the history and diversity of our region and its people to life on our stages.

Working with the best local, regional and Canadian theatre professionals, we will be recognized as a leader on the national theatre landscape by presenting a thought-provoking playbill that amplifies creative voices, inspires future generations of theatre artists, and delights audiences. The work performed on our stages will explore our rich history and diversity, build understanding, and shape dialogue, helping to create a stronger, more connected community, province and nation.

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