Baskets for Hope

December 2018
09:00 AM CST
December 2018
08:00 PM CST
GOAL $2,000.00
45.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

We are raising funds to support Restoring Hope Transplant House this Holiday season. Your generous bids help to give the gift of home to so many transplant families in their time of need. Please help make this a Happy Holidays for all who pass through their doors by joining our Baskets for Hope Fundraiser and sharing it with others who may be interested in supporting this great cause! Please Note: This auction now closes on Thursday Dec. 20th at 8pm. Basket descriptions are listed beneath the photos and bids for each basket!

Give the Impossible Gift of Warmth and Comfort.

To many of us, the thought of the holiday season inspires feelings of warmth and comfort of home. A gift often regarded as priceless, to those fortunate enough to have it. It’s also the impossible gift - after all, how do you package, wrap and give those feelings to a loved one, or place it under the tree to await an eager child anticipating magic?

At Restoring Hope - we serve the most amazing people and this holiday season, we want you to join us and help give the impossible gift. This year through Baskets for Hope, you can give the impossible gift of the warmth and comfort of home by donating to Restoring Hope Transplant House. Your donations and winning bids will go directly to warming our home so it can be the home-away-from-home comfort that our guests need at the most crucial time in their lives. For a holiday season to be filled with warmth, comfort and safety - it requires an environment that inspires those feelings. Through your generosity, we will be able to provide our guests:

• The Warmth of Heat: keeping our home warm is important to our amazing guests, and the holiday season brings the coldest winter months, and that requires more resources than the warmer months, including an increased heating bill. We are in Wisconsin after all, and our daily max temperature rarely gets above freezing from December to March.
• The Warmth of a Bed: if you’ve slept on an uncomfortable bed, you know the smallest details make the biggest difference. We need new bed linens to provide comfortable sheets and blankets as it’s important that our guests get a good night’s rest for their care.
• The Warmth of a Meal: we provide a warm breakfast for all the guests every morning. We also provide food items to help with a dinner meal as well. This helps our guests bodies and minds remain strong and well nourished, while also providing convenience so our guests can stay close to home.
• The Warmth of Clean Laundry: the home has a washer and dryer that is free for our guests to use, and we keep soap and fabric softener stocked so that our guests can feel comfortable in clean clothing, as they often don’t know how long they will be staying with us. In some cases it’s only a few days, in other cases it can last months.

We wish you a warm and comfortable holiday season - wherever home, this year, may be. For our guests at Restoring Hope, this holiday season will be spent with us. Please help us make it a warm and comfortable one.

About Restoring Hope Transplant House

Restoring Hope Transplant House is a non-profit home-away-from-home for transplant families who are in search of a second chance at life through the miracle of transplantation at nearby University of Wisconsin Hospital and the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital in Madison.

Providing all the comforts of home at a fraction of the cost of area hotels, Restoring Hope also provides a built in support system provided by staff and other transplant families going through very similar journeys. This support is what makes Restoring Hope so unique and special to so many of the families who pass through our doors.

“Restoring Hope Transplant House has been a blessing during a difficult time. I wouldn't want to or couldn't even imagine doing this without RHTH. After we toured the house I knew this was a home atmosphere. However, I did not expect the connection with the Herbst family as well as other patients and their caregivers. This isn't just a home feeling but a family feeling. I'm not just staying here, I have become part of something... a family. A family that will laugh with you, cry with you, support you, talk with you or when you need just listen. We share our successes and we encourage each other through setbacks as a family does. We wait up for caregivers to hear reports from the hospital, we get together for dinner and take turns cooking and cleaning. We heat up leftovers for those getting back late and we carpool or pick up stuff for each other on store trips. We also pray and wait to hear about follow up hospital visits. You know... family stuff. It isn't just the current residents, I hear the same from people that stayed here in the past. The Herbst family didn't just open a house with vacancy, they have opened up their family and are always accepting new members.”

Jason & Family
Kidney Auto Transplant Program
Springfield, MO

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