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True Rest for the Weary

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October 2018
07:00 AM CDT
October 2018
08:00 PM CDT

True Rest for the Weary

Sweet Sleep offers a few items of interest, based on friends in our community who've donated to help. We hope to grow this auction in years to come, but for now, please help us raise enough money to create a few more co-ops for vulnerable women in Uganda. We've met these ladies and they are hard-working, resourceful, and full of joy despite their horrendous backgrounds! Help them today by bidding often and bidding high.

Our goal for our year-end fundraising is $175,000 in celebration of our 15 years of partnering with donors to provide true rest for the weary.

About Sweet Sleep

Sweet Sleep exists to demonstrate God’s love and hope in Christ to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, improving their quality of life.

We’re answering the complex and severe need for health, dignity, security, and rest with a simple concept that works.

Millions of orphaned and vulnerable kids across the globe have no option but to sleep on concrete, packed clay earth, soiled and shredded foam, or broken down pre-Soviet era beds. It’s hard to know what that feels like, but it’s easy to see that providing beds goes far beyond what would otherwise be a luxury.

Founded in 2003, Sweet Sleep has provided beds to more than 27,000 orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in eight countries around the world, including more than 4000 beds to children in the United States. Currently, beds are being used to meet the complex needs of children who are HIV+, those who have special needs and disabilities, and refugees in the process of resettlement. In the United States, beds are a court-mandated provision that often allows children to stay in their own homes, or to be placed in a relative’s care – and out of the foster care system. Domestically, beds are also being given to children who are coming out of homelessness through partnerships with local agencies.

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