A Rare Auction for a Rare Disease

November 2020
09:00 AM PST
November 2020
06:12 PM PST
GOAL $20,000.00
121.7% REACHED!

About Our Auction

It was just over a year ago that we lost our six-year old daughter Lexi to an inflammatory condition called Blau Syndrome. This is an auction that she was helping us to put together so that we could fund the science which will lead to a treatment and/or cure.

In honour of Lexi’s legacy, we are continuing the effort that she led. 100% of the money you spend in this auction will be used to fund science and its impact will be immediate. So please help us reach our fundraising goal and SHARE THIS LINK with everyone you know.

These rare and amazing items have been generously donated by artists, artisans and fantastic worldwide businesses to help us in our endeavours to cure Blau syndrome. Most of these items are one of a kind and only available through this auction. Remember that worldwide shipping is available so you can bid wherever in the world you live. You also have the option to donate just by clicking on the donate button.

The money you spend will allow us to develop the world's first Blau Syndrome Biobank which is necessary to advance promising scientific research that we hope will lead to a treatment and cure for Blau syndrome and other inflammatory disorders.

STAGE ONE - Fund Biobank $15,000 (WE'VE MET OUR STAGE ONE GOAL!!!! Help us work on our stage two goal so we can create a case to bring forward to drug developers specializing in gene therapy)
STAGE TWO - Grant Funding - basic disease characterization - $50,000

This will provide the information needed to bring forward a case to drug developers, including genetic therapists. It is also a stepping stone to major funding with the NIH. This is a formula that has been tried and tested by other rare disease organizations. We have seen it work for them, and we know the potential.

So help us achieve our goals and get your gift shopping done early this year or buy something special for yourself, all while helping cure this devastating illness.

About Cure Blau Syndrome Foundation

You can help us to find a cure and or a treatment for Blau Syndrome.

Blau syndrome (BS), also called Early-onset sarcoidosis (EOS), is a systematic inflammatory disorder which usually begins in early childhood with symptoms presenting before the age of four.

The condition took the life of our six-year-old daughter Lexi last year. It was Lexi's wish to find a cure for this condition so that no one else needs to experience the suffering that it causes.

There are promising advances in science that are waiting to be funded. By purchasing from this auction, your contribution can help us to reach this goal.

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