Fall Carpool Spots (November 1- January 21)

October 2021
06:30 PM EDT
October 2021
07:30 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Two carpool spots will be awarded to the two highest bidders. The bidding starts at $150. All proceeds go directly to Ms. Christy's class as their main fundraiser for the school year.

Good luck to all! Happy bidding!

About Ms. Christy's and Ms. Stacy's Carpool Auction

We are offering a chance for a front row spot in car line. Reserved. Just for you!

Help raise money to send Ms. Christy's 6th graders to Washington DC and enjoy a more relaxed afternoon. If you are one of our carpool winners, you simply arrive before 4:00 pm, pull right up to the designated front spots and wait a (much, much!) shorter time for your child (ren). The Fall spots run from November 1 through January 21st.

Here is your chance to bid for the two of the spots! THERE WILL BE NO EXTENDED BIDDING FOR THIS RAFFLE. RAFFLE ENDS AT 7:30pm.

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