Pono's 2017 Auction

August 2017
10:00 AM EDT
August 2017
06:15 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Pono's auction offers a variety of items and services donated by generous parents, staff, and businesses. The fundraised money will go towards supporting Pono's educational programs.

About Pono

Pono is New York City's only democratic outdoor educational program for ages 2 to 12. Pono, a traditional Hawaiian concept denoting oneness and balance, inspires everything we do.
Pono's educational program was founded in response to the need for an alternative school option that protects children's innate curiosity, genius, wonderment, and drive to explore and grow by trusting them to initiate and direct their own learning.
Pono is a pioneer in offering an educational program where the children spend at least half of their time out of the classroom in and around New York City. Students design the curriculum through a process that respects and reflects their varied individual learning interests, and they govern their learning community through a democratic process. They pursue topics and long-term projects in fields as diverse as natural sciences (including biology, chemistry, Earth science, and physics), history, creative movement and dance, foreign languages (e.g., Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic), gardening, health and nutrition, cooking, reading, art, yoga, music, charity, fashion design, carpentry, sports, and more.
To learn more about Pono, visit www.pono.nyc.

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