PawJammin' 2020 Auction

November 2020
03:00 PM EST
December 2020
04:21 PM EST
GOAL $10,000.00
123.9% REACHED!

PawJammin' 2020 Auction

Shop from home -- in your pajamas -- AND save lives!

Help us raise badly needed funds. It’s been a tough year, we continue to face many challenges, but the needs of homeless animals won’t stop and neither will we.

Thanks to generous local donors, PawJammin’ will offer more than 150 awesome items. Whether you bid on these unique items for yourself or for holiday gifts you will literally save lives.

Fundraisers allow us to take in many special needs animals who would otherwise be left behind to be euthanized. Help us give them the chance at life they deserve!

Our medical fund supports animals needing extra medical attention – heartworm treatment, orthopedic surgeries, FelV/FIV, mange/ringworm, etc.

About Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is a non-profit rescue providing pet adoption in the Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland. Since 2001 we have found homes for more than 30,000 dogs and cats rescued from low-income, rural animal shelters; abandoned hunting dogs who are dumped in woods or left at shelters; owned pets whose owners can no longer care for them; and animals who have been injured, abused and neglected. We have helped internationally as well: we have rescued dogs from Thailand, China, Korea, Russia, Peru, Greece and Kuwait. And we have run a full-time program in Puerto Rico for 4 years, rescuing more than 450 dogs and providing Trap-Neuter-Return services for more than 500 cats.
We actively seek to reduce the rate of euthanasia, support proactive spay/neuter practices, and educate the public about how to care for their animals in a humane way. We facilitate adoptions from local shelters and support a large network of foster care providers who take homeless dogs and cats into their homes, care for them, rehabilitate them when needed, and prepare them for their permanent adoptive homes.

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