Paws4Life, Inc. 2022 Fleece Blanket Auction

Paws4Life, Inc.
November 2022
09:00 AM EST
November 2022
08:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

Offering up for bids some soft no-sew fleece blankets for your kitty, for you, or for a friend/relative! All funds raised go towards the care of our kitties & we thank you for checking out the auction.

About Paws4Life, Inc.

We are a foster home-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in January 2012 and our primary purpose is to improve the lives of stray, feral, & abandoned homeless cats in our community. We show kindness, care, and compassion by providing for their basic needs. We respect each cat & their unique personality, and we believe that they are just as deserving to live out their natural lives as any other living creature. We also believe that there are many challenges and dangers associated with living an outdoor life, especially for the free-roaming feline. Because of this, countless hours are spent socializing with the cats and for those who blossom through these efforts and who welcome human interaction we try to find them the best forever homes possible. We will also provide lifetime foster care for any of our cats that may be truly feral, receive no adoption interest, or who may be a senior, have medical challenges, or have special circumstances. With the help of our amazing supporters, if we can help a kitty in need in any way and give them a better life, we will!

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