The Path of an Angel: A Tribute to Brooke Blake

Salon DaDa
September 2020
09:30 AM EDT
September 2020
07:00 PM EDT

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Each tapestry in the “roots” series unfolds a story. “The Path of An Angel” pays tribute to a girl who was a light in the Ridgefield community, Brooke Blake. This piece shares Brooke’s journey with both its triumphs and struggles, starting at the bottom of the tapestry and working its way upward. It demonstrates her powerful connection to both family and the community and captures the unconditional love shown by all those who “Believe in Brooke.” The roots in this piece are symbolic of Brooke’s physical connection with Earth, which tapers off gradually as she is called to heaven.

While creating this piece, I found myself completely immersed and often overcome by emotion. So, there is no doubt in my mind that Brooke guided every choice I made in the creative process. It is my sincere hope that this tapestry does justice to Brooke’s life and effectively captures her spirit.

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