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  • 20 Items
  • 1 Image / Item
  • Advertisements
  • No Live Event
  • Basic Donor Mgmt
  • No Custom Branding
  • Basic Analytics
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited Bidders
  • Payment & Donation
    Collection Available
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Live Event


  • 200 Items
  • 1 Image / Item
  • No Advertisements
  • Live Event Package
  • Basic Donor Mgmt
  • No Custom Branding
  • Basic Analytics
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited Bidders
  • Payment & Donation
    Collection Available
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  • Basic Analytics
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited Bidders
  • Payment & Donation
    Collection Available
Let's Go
Check out our Testimonials to read what 32auctions customers have to say about their online silent auction experience.

Features Included With Every Auction

  • Custom Auction URL For Easy Access
  • Mobile Web App For Easy Bidding On The Go Info
  • Multiple Bidding Styles
  • Buy Now Option
  • Basic Auction Analytics Info
  • Fundraising Thermometer For Goal Tracking
  • Collect Shipping & Handling Fees Info
  • Link To Donor Websites
  • One-Click Duplication Of Auction Items
  • Copy Items Between Auctions Info
  • Mark Items As Sold Before Auction Ends
  • Extended Bidding Option To Deter Auction Sniping Help UPDATED
  • Track Payment Status Of All Items
  • Consolidated Sales Summary View With Real-Time Bid Tracking (Sales Summary Example)
  • Ability To Limit Participants By Email Domain Help Info
Free online silent auction software features


If 20 auction items is not enough, you can increase the limit by increments of 100, up to a maximum of 1,000 items.

Images / Item + Large Image Viewer

If 1 image per item is not enough, you can increase the limit to 4 images per item. You'll also receive the large image viewer for easier viewing of your auction items.

  • Increased Number Of Images Per Item
  • Large Image Viewer
  • Multiple Auctions At One Time
  • View the Demo Auction to see the large image viewer in action

No Advertisements

Remove unwanted 3rd party distractions so your participants can stay focused on your silent auction.

  • No 3rd Party Advertisements
  • Multiple Auctions At One Time

Live Event Package

Start your silent auction online and seamlessly carry it forward to a live event. The printable silent auction bid sheets and downloadable auction item data make it easy to setup and manage your silent auction at the live event.

  • Printable Silent Auction Bid Sheets (Bid Sheets Example)
  • Customize Bid Sheets By Selecting Up To 5 Bidding Columns Info
  • Leading Bidder Notifications
  • Advertise Live Event Information Within Online Auction
  • Preview Live Event Only Items
  • Enhanced Sales Summary (Sales Summary Example)
  • Live Event Information Emailed To All Participants
  • Printable Auction Item Display Sheets With QR Codes (Display Sheet Example) NEW
  • Enhanced Downloadable Auction Item Data (Download Example)
  • Sell Items To Online And Offline Participants After Live Event Auction Ends Info
  • Update Final Selling Price Of Items After Live Event Auction Ends
  • Add Items After Online Auction For Bid Sheets, Tracking, And Payment Collection Info
  • Multiple Auctions At One Time
  • More Information...

After the Online Auction

At the end of the online silent auction (with the Live Event Package upgrade), you can view a summary of all the items, winning bids, and winning bidder information from the Sales Summary page. This page specifically displays this information for each item:
You can also download the Sales Summary as a CSV (comma separated values) file. This file can be opened using a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel. Have a look at the example CSV file for the Demo Auction to see how this works.
Once the online auction has ended, you can print out bid sheets for use at the live event. The bid sheets PDF is made available on the Live Event Package page. You can view the bid sheets PDF example for the Demo Auction.
When the online auction ends, leading bidders will be notified via email. The email informs the bidders they will need to continue bidding at the live event and are also provided the Live Event Information you entered for the auction. If an online auction participant cannot attend the live event, they have the option of entering a Proxy Bid. This is the maximum amount they are willing to pay for the item. Once the online auction ends, you can view the maximum proxy bid amount for unsold items on the Sales Summary page and in the downloadable auction item data. You can honor these proxy bids at the live event by entering bids on the bid sheets up to the maximum proxy bid amount. If you don't want to allow proxy bidding, you can turn it off on in the Advanced Settings sections of the Edit Auction page.
We recommend giving yourself enough time in between the online auction and the live auction to carry the information forward. The printable bid sheets are the easiest way to do this. However, it still takes a few minutes to print out the bid sheets and arrange them on the bidding tables at the event.

After the Live Event

After the live event ends, you have the option of entering the final selling price for each item into the system. You can choose the winning bidder from a list of online participants or enter in the information for live event participants (a.k.a. offline bidders). Once you add an offline bidder, they will also show up in your list of participants and can easily be selected for additional items. We highly recommend collecting an email address for each of the live event bidders. Once you enter the final selling price and choose the winning bidder, the system will notify them via email if they have an email address. This also gives them the option to pay for their items online if your auction has the Payment Collection feature enabled. Another nice feature of entering the final selling price for each item is that the previous high bidder from the online auction will be notified if they were outbid at the live event.
If you are interested in collection payments online, including major credit cards and PayPal, then add the Payment Collection feature to your auction. With the Payment Collection feature enabled, as soon as you enter the final selling price for an item and choose the winning bidder, they will be notified they won (assuming there is an email address) and that they can pay for their item online. They will be sent a link to an invoice page which displays the items they won, the total amount due, and a Pay Now button.

Premium Donor Management

Simplify donor management by storing all contact information, interactions, and progress directly within your auction. This also makes it super easy to collaborate with other auction administrators when managing the donation collection process.

  • Easy To Share And Collaborate With All Auction Administrators
  • Display Up To 5 Donors On Each Auction Item NEW
  • Upload Donor Logos To Display On Auction Items NEW
  • Prominently Display Auction Sponsors With Logo And Website Link (Demo Auction Example)
  • Enter Sponsorship Amounts Which Are Included In Total Amount Raised
  • Create And Display Custom Sponsorship Levels NEW
  • Enter More Information About Your Donors Including Their Physical Address And Contacts
  • View All Items Donated By A Donor Across All Of Your Auctions
  • Enter Notes For All Donor Interactions
  • Download All Donor Information, Including Contacts And Notes (Download Example)

Custom Branding

Personalize your auction or spice things up a bit with your own color scheme and a custom banner image. It's simple to customize and fun to design.

  • Custom Color Scheme Displayed Throughout Your Auction
  • Upload A Banner Image To Display Across The Top Of Your Auction
  • Optionally Turn The Banner Image Into A Clickable Advertisement
  • View the Demo Auction to see an auction without custom branding
  • View the Rock the House Auction to see a banner image & custom color scheme in action

Payment & Donation Collection

Simplify payment and donation collection and offer your participants more payment options with these optional features. If you choose to collect payments and/or donations online, a Stripe account and/or a PayPal account must be linked to your auction to receive funds. There is a transaction fee which only applies to payments and donations processed through your online auction.

  • These Are Optional Features Available For All Auctions
  • Payments Processed Securely Through Stripe And PayPal
  • Accept Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, eChecks, And PayPal Payments
  • Money Immediately Deposited Into Your PayPal Account
  • Low 32auctions Transaction Fee Of 2.9% Plus $0.40 USD
  • Enhanced Sales Summary With Automatic Payment Tracking (Sales Summary Example)
  • Collect Donations Before, During, And After Your Auction
  • Donation Collection Reminder Sent To Non-Winning Bidders
  • Multiple Auctions At One Time
  • More Information...


Payment Collection

Donation Collection

Stripe and PayPal also have payment and donation processing fees that you agree to pay as part of each transaction. *Learn more

*Stripe And PayPal Fees

Stripe and PayPal charge fees on each payment and donation processed using the Payment & Donation Collection features. The fees are specific to the payment account linked to your auction for receiving money. To find the fees associated with your account, log into the Stripe dashboard or the PayPal account.
Note: PayPal offers low transaction fees for nonprofits. Please refer to the PayPal site for more information.
Silent auction payment processing safely and securely through PayPal
Silent auction payment processing with PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, eChecks