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Outside Classrooms

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April 2016
09:00 AM PDT
April 2016
09:00 PM PDT
GOAL $8,000.00
72.9% To Goal

Outside Classrooms

When Mother Nature provides the perfect natural curriculum, it makes sense that our playgrounds should be outside classrooms! Our less than ideal gravel playgrounds need to be completely transformed to offer this vital resource. All children are entitled to experience quality outside time and a chance to reap the multitude of benefits that only outside time can provide. Research proves that children are happier, healthier, smarter, possess better self regulation skills, and develop a love of our land from quality outside play. Phase I will be complete this Spring. Then we will start on the other three playgrounds! Please help us provide this essential service to the children of our community!

About Maven Lane

Our Non-Profit Society and Registered Charity offers quality leading edge learning opportunities, childcare, and recreational programs to children from 9 months to 12 years of age. Our Society has been supporting our community's children of all abilities, cultures and needs for over 23 years. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and rely on our membership and community for support with volunteer work and fundraising. Our goal is to have our facilities represent our educational philosophies and provide a truly inspiring learning environment where children are able reach their full potential. Children are the best investment one can make for the future - please invest!

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